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I have taken several seminars on lighting and I always leave inspired.  That is, until I start trying to recreate the effect and know that I am missing something.  If I could just see it one more time to nail it down.  That’s what makes Scott Kelby’s new book/DVD so special.

Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live : Behind the Scenes takes the most popular “photo recipes” from his three Digital Photography Books and reproduces them “live” on the DVD.  Kelby shows you step-by-step on recreating each effect directly out of his books and shows you how to solve the problems that will likely pop-up.

The DVD is Flash-based and runs through your web browser.  It covers the following chapters:

  1. Window Light Portraits (natural light).
  2. Couple Portraits (natural settings).
  3. Portraits w/ 3-Light Setup (one on each side and one in front)
  4. Portraits w/Clamshell Lighting 1 (light above 45-degree and reflector/2nd light below)
  5. Portraits w/ Clamshell Lighting 2  (light above and 2nd light behind w/white background)
  6. Shooting Food
  7. Shooting Flowers
  8. Shooting Portraits on location (street scenes)
  9. Portraits w/ One Light Overhead
  10. Portraits w/ Hard Lighting
  11. Landscapes (tips)
  12. Portraits w/ Ring Flash Adapters
  13. Panoramas Shots (tips)
  14. Portrait Lighting
  15. Dramatic Portrait Look
  16. Product shot

The entire DVD runs 2-hours and is supplemented with a print reference guide.  The topics are covered in a fresh tutorial, much like Kelby’s Photoshop tutorials on  Overall, the DVD layout and print guide make it a great reference and idea guide.

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