Camera Stores that are Actually Open During Passover

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This can be a tough time for a photographer.  Both B&H and Adorama are effectively closed for two weeks in observance of Passover.  Like many photographers, these two stores may be your usual stop for photographic equipment and supplies.  But, believe it or not, there are other stores that are actually open and shipping orders during Passover.

1. Calumet Photo:  The largest worldwide camera store with retail locations throughout the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.  Calumet is the company that hosts the training courses on Capture One 5 for $50 which includes a FREE standard license.  Open Saturdays too.


2. J&R: There are few stores in NYC that can rival B&H in terms of retail size. J&R is one of them. It is a full city block located on Park Row near City Hall.  They even best B&H on sale prices.  The single massive store is really a collection of dedicated physical stores specializing in Cameras & Video, Music, Computers, Audio and Housewares.  (Think more like a Best Buy, but will real sale prices.)  They may not have the depth of equipment that B&H & Adorama have, but their Camera & Video store does have all the name brand cameras and lenses in stock.  Open Saturdays too.


3. Unique Photo: If you are ever in New Jersey, this is a great store to visit.  Located in Fairfield, Unique Photo offers a wide selection of photography equipment and supplies at very competitive prices.  Open Saturdays too.


4. Samy’s Camera: Photographers on the West Coast will know this chain.  Located in California, they do offer some surprising deals like the standard edition of Capture One 5 for $49.95!  Open Saturdays too.


5. Abes of Maine: I expected this store to follow B&H’s lead and close for Passover.  However, they are actually open and shipping orders except for Monday and Tuesday.  Closes early on Friday and all day Saturday.


Of course, you could still order through Amazon.  Just keep in mind that Cameras and Video are fulfilled through Amazon Partners.  Check the schedule for the Partner before you place your order.

Happy Holidays!


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