Dilbert Reveals Fake Job Listing to Research Competition

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This is so true …  it’s not funny.  Some companies are using the unemployed as a research tool.  Want to learn what your competition is doing?  Want to learn how to expand into a new field?  Just post a job, wait for the right candidate and then conduct an “interview”.  I have heard this ploy used in a variety of fields but it seems to be more prevalent in jobs focused on Social Media skills.  But, companies, don’t you realize that these same interviewees that have Social Media skills also love to vent on their blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook Walls?

Here’s a clue for the job seeker … if you later receive a notice from the company that “the job was filled from within”, “the company is undergoing a reorganization” or “the position is on hold”, you have probably been scammed!

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