Canon 7D Tips – Waiting for Spring

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It may be Spring on the calendar, but everything in New York is still very brown.  Is that a reason to stay inside? NO! There are still plenty of things for the weekend photographer to photograph.  At least the daffodils are up.  As for the wildlife, Spring brings mating season and migrating animals back (like the American Coot above), along with plenty of photo ops.

So grab your camera and get out there!


This Spring is unique with all of the flooding.  Take a look at the above photos of the same scene.  The water table on the south shore of Long Island is over 2 feet above normal thanks to the back-to-back rain storms.  You can see the fishing pier is currently under water and even the edge of the lake has overflown by several feet.


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  1. Here in Holland the spring has started partially. Lots of rain and wind, but still, some very nice days. In between we see beautiful skies with lots of dark clouds on a blue background. You don’t always have to look down to find something nice to take pictures of.

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