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Have you ever gone for a drive and thought about stopping to take pictures?  Unfortunately, it may not be possible due to traffic or just time constraints.  For example, taking a Spring drive on Long Island is beautiful but you can’t just stop in the middle of the LIE.  Aside of being the passenger, there is another option.  Remember the Delkin’s Fat Gecko?

Take a look at this picture.  The Canon 7D (with 35mm L and BE-E7 Grip) is attached to the Fat Gecko and mounted upside down on my sunroof.  I used a polarizer and lens hood to reduce the sun glare.  I also used the Alzo Wireless Shutter Release to trigger the shutter while driving.  I used a fixed focus with a shutter of 1/400 and ISO200 while the 7D set the aperture.

As for shooting video like this, I am not so sure.  I could see the camera wobble.  It may be possible to steady the camera using the passenger car seat, but that’s for another time.




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