Canon 7D Tips – Updating Raw Files in Adobe Camera Raw 6 , Bridge CS5

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cs5-acr6-02The above image is from the same Canon 7D Raw file as my previous noise reduction comparisons.  Both the image on the left and on the right are from Adobe Camera Raw 6 in Bridge CS5.  What’s the difference? The algorithm used to process the 7D Raw file.

If you have images that were processed in the old Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 5 through 5.7, you will need to tell it to use the new algorithm.

In the preview image, look for the exclamation point in the lower right corner.  If you see it, click on it to “Update to Current Process (2010)“.  (New Raw file images which have not been viewed in an old version of ACR will default to the new 2010 algorithm.)

Your image will be instantly improved.  The new algorithm produces amazing results by removing digital noise yet retaining sharp details.  You have to try it for yourself!

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