Adobe CS5 Road Show featuring Premiere & After Effects CS5

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Adobe is doing something extra special with the release of CS5.  It is holding CS5 Road shows in 7-cities around the US cities.  The first show was held in New York City on May 18th at the Hotel Pennsylvania featuring Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5.

The CS5 Roadshow started with a dynamic video promoting the Open Screen Project to put Flash everywhere.  And, sprinkled throughout the presentation were digs at Apple (very funny 😎 )  The Roadshow focused on the new features in both Premiere and After Effects as well as the new editions to the Production Premium Suite like Adobe Story and Adobe OnLocation.  There was also a review of the new features in the Photoshop and Illustrator.  So, if you want to see CS5 up close and personal, look for the next Roadshow in Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

One of the Roadshow’s presenters, Dave Helmly is a regular on Adobe TV.  In this segment, he is talking about the new Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere CS5.  Seeing this demoed in person (on a fully-loaded HP z800 workstation with a Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 graphics card) was very impressive.

The other presenter was Karl Soule who discussed After Effects CS5, as well as, the other new features throughout the CS5 Suite. Karle is another regular from Adobe TV and can be seen here demoing the new Rotoscoping Abilities in After Effect CS5.

During the breaks, the Partners at the Roadshow were demoing various products:

  • HP (Adobe was using a fully-loaded HP Z800 for the presentation)
  • Nvidia/PNY
  • Canon
  • Wacom
  • Vimeo
  • AJA
  • ATTO and
  • Blackmagic.

Several companies offering After Effects plugins were also there:

  • Mocha (planar tracking and roto effects)
  • Digital Anarchy showing Beaty Box (for automatic digital skin retouching)
  • Maxon Cinema 4D (for 3D title effects) and
  • Digieffects Suite.

Many After Effects plugins are also available at a discount through who will be having a 30% sale on Video Copilot plugin on May 20th & 21st, 2010 May 26th & 27th, 2010 [Editor – see notes below for changed date of sale.]

But, the best part was the give-aways at the end.  The top prize was an Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 worth over $1500.  The clueless winner elicited a roar of laughter from the crowd when he asked if it would work in his iMac.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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4 Replies to “Adobe CS5 Road Show featuring Premiere & After Effects CS5”

  1. Well, then you guys CHANGED the date after the fact. The women at the Toolfarm booth told everyone at the Roadshow that the sale was May 20th & 21st. In fact, I am holding a postcard which they handed me which clearly states that date! And, as of yesterday, your site also said the sale was on May 20th & 21st.

    You are going to have a lot of annoyed people going to your site.

  2. The date of the promo wasn’t actually changed (our site and newsletter from the get go stated 26th/27th), the postcards for the roadshow were actually printed in error, and only a few were handed out before we noticed the mistake and stopped handing them out. Anyone who is annoyed can call me to get it at that price now: 415-401-7382 – just ask for Jason.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Hi photoframd, yes, that was a bad mistake on my part. I will fully take the blame on that one. We had originally set the sale for May 20 & 21st but changed it. I made the postcards at the lunch break during the show and caught the mistake on the postcards after only a few postcards were handed out. Luckily only a few people took them by the time we noticed, and you must have been one of them. My apologies for the incorrect information. You can contact him to get the advertised price today.

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