Photoshop CS5 – Spot Healing Brush with Content-Aware

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So you were WOWed by the previous article on Photoshop CS5’s new Content Aware Fill, but want something a little more organic.  Well, you are in luck.  The Content Aware algorithm is now also available in the Spot Healing Brush.


It is the same Spot Healing Brush as in previous versions of Photoshop (located behind the regular brush), but you will now have the option to select Content-Aware as the method of healing (see above).  You can even combine the Spot Healing Brush with the new Painter-style brushes.  Now that’s organic!

Since every application of the Spot Healing Brush pulls from a random pattern fill, you can paint and then repaint over items until you get the desired results.  You will also find that varying the size of the brush increases the amount of control over the Content Aware touch-up.

The Spot Healing Brush with Content-Aware is what the Healing Brush should have been when it was first introduced.  You will find it so much more useful now.  Will it be 100% effect? No! But, it will get you much closer to your goal. You can always fine tune with the Clone Tool.  But, that is only fine tuning instead of completing the whole task with it.

This feature needs to tried to be believed.


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