Photoshop CS5 – Custom Keyboard Shortcut Reference Guide, Flash and Illustrator too.

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Buried away in Photoshop CS5 is the ability to generate your own Custom Keyboard Shortcut Reference Guide.  Since users commonly create their own shortcuts for Photoshop, this is a very important feature.  But, even if you only use the Default Keyboard Shortcuts, this Guide will be a great reference.

Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts


From this panel, you can add your own Custom Keyboard Shortcuts.  But, it’s the Summarize button that does the magic.  Just click the button and specify the location.  Photoshop will then generate your Custom Keyboard Shortcut Guide in HTML.

Flash can Generate your Custom Keyboard Shortcut Guide too.


In the same location as Photoshop, Flash Professional CS5 will trigger its Keyboard Shortcut panel.  Just go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.  On this panel, click the button circled in red above, specify the location and generate your Adobe Standard Keyboard Shortcut Guide in HTML (meaning the common shortcuts for most of the Adobe products).  This panel in will also generate specific Guides for Flash and Illustrator.

Illustrator is not as helpful.


You would think that Illustrator CS5 would share this same ability.  Unfortunately, for some reason, Illustrator will only generate a Simple Text file.  Just go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and in the panel click the Export Text button.  If you have Flash Professional Cs5, you may want to use the above steps in Flash instead.

Now everyone can be a Adobe Power User!  You can thank me later 😎


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Photoshop CS5 – Custom Keyboard Shortcut Reference Guide, Flash and Illustrator too

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