Canon 7D Tips: Flip the Magic Button to Jump Between HD-Video and Still Photography

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7d-magic-buttonWith the Canon 7D, jumping between shooting HD-Video and shooting Photographic Stills is just a matter of flipping a switch.  Take a look at the above close-up of the 7D’s back.  The red circle indicates the Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch.  (Yes, that’s Canon’s official name for it.)

  • With the switch in the upright position, the 7D will shoot still photos.  Pushing the Start/Stop button will turn the Live View on and off.
  • With the switch pointing to the left, the 7D will shoot video.  Pushing the Start/Stop button start and stop the video recording.

Both the still photos and video will be shot according to the 7D’s camera settings.  For example, if you have the camera format set for RAW (18meg full resolution) and 1080p @ 24fps, those are the setting which will be enabled by flipping the switch.  Simple.  Jumping between shooting modes takes only 2-seconds.  In fact, I can not image one person being able to shoot a video like my Toby Keith on the Brooklyn Bridge with any other camera.

To really appreciate what the 7D can do, take a look at the following amazing images.



Both the HD-Video and Photographic Stills were shot using the Canon 7D with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L (Version I).  The image quality is fantastic.  But, take a look for yourself at my Toby Keith on the Brooklyn Bridge video.


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  1. Excellent comparison, I have not used the video function very much on my 7D but once I learn the correct setting will jump in and give it a try. Thanks again enjoy and learn from your writings.

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