Canon 7D Tips – Easy Freeze Frame Time Effects in Premiere Pro CS5

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Creating a Freeze Frame in Premiere Pro CS5 is very similar to the video time effects in my last article.  Even here, you have a choice of how to create the effect.

1. Use Time Remapping to “freeze” the video down to a stand-still.


Just like in my previous article, you can use Time Remapping in either the Effects Control Palette or the timeline to slow a clip down to a stand-still.  Just Control-Click (Command-Click) to insert a key frame and drag the rubberband timeline all the way down.  This is not be a true freeze frame because Premiere still thinks the video is moving, just really really slowly.  But, it is easy to remember.

2.  True freeze frame are created by Time Remapping.


Just like before in the Effect Control Palette, you Control-Click (Command-Click) to insert your first keyframe.  You can also position the playback head and click the diamond to insert a keyframe.


Now Control-Alt-Click (Command-Option-Click) on that keyframe and drag.  You will notice the handles on the keyframes are different.  The inner handles have a hard edge instead of an angled edge.  You will also see a series of parallel lines in the space between the keyframe handles.  This is a true Freeze Frame.

Please note – the Freeze Frame will apply only to the video track, not the audio track. The audio track will remain unaffected.  You will either need to Unlink the Audio and slow the audio track down using Speed/Duration or add in an additional (duplicate) audio loop to fill in the sound gap.

3.  True freeze frame are also created in the timeline.


The same controls available in the Effects Control Palette are also available directly in the timeline.  Here too, a freeze frame will apply only to the video track.  The audio track will have a gap which you will need to fill.

Freeze Frames are another easy motion effect in Premiere Pro CS5.  Whether used by themselves during a narration or to create emphasis on a particular scene.  Freeze Frames can also be used with video transitions for more precise control over the application of the transition effect.


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