Canon 7D Tips – Neutral Density ND Filter for HDR

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Most photographers will take a series of photos to be combined to for an HDR (High dynamic range) image.  Unfortunately, the amount of available light can make it tough to get good detail in bright skies.  This is another instance to pull out the neutral density filter.  Better yet, use Light Craft Workshop’s Fader ND.  Using this filter will allow you to vary the amount of available light to pull out more detail in bright skies.   I used the following three photo to create the above HDR image.




I used Photoshop CS5’s Merge to HDR Pro to combine these photos.  As I mentioned in my previous HDR series, Photoshop does a better job at handling ghost images than Photomatix 3.2.


Light Craft Workshop’s Fader ND has found a permanent place in my camera bag.  This high quality filter is even perfect for HD Video.



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