Adobe – PhotoPlus Expo is no longer significant

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sad-adobeHow sad,  Adobe.

I went to the Content & Communication World at Javits today in New York City. This photo shows the small booth that was Adobe’s presence at the show — 3 people, one computer and one screen.  What a difference a few years make.

I asked Collin, one of the three Adobe reps, why Adobe was not exhibiting at PhotoPlus Expo later this month. He said, “We are here on a shoestring budget. We only have 3 people. Adobe is only exhibiting at trade shows which are still significant … like NAB.


Glad to hear that all the photographers, videographers and digital artists who attend PhotoPlus Expo and purchase your software are not significant to you anymore, Adobe. Maybe you should consider that the next time you release an update for Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, After Effects, etc. Then, again, by that time, you could be called Microsoft.

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  1. When a company exhibits at a tradeshow, the size of their booth is very important. It should be a representation of who they are in the industry and certainly be a par with other companies of similar size.

    It was an embarrassment for Adobe …

    I think it shows that Adobe has some big internal problems. Certainly, the talks between Microsoft & Adobe are a sign of financial woes. As I reported earlier this summer, Adobe was testing marketing the idea of making its customers pay for a CS5.5 update even if you already purchased the CS5 update:

    Does increasing the price of an update during a recession make sense? No, it will just turn customers off or encourage more piracy. Microsoft is smarter than that. Adobe needs to wake up to reality and focus on what it does best. Alienating customers will just make things worse for Adobe.

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