Enhance Fall Colors with an Intensifier Filter

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Every Fall, I start carrying a very special filter called an Intensifier Filter.  This unique Hoya filter enhances warm colors (reds, oranges and even browns) to make them really pop while the cool colors remain unchanged.  The above photo was taken only seconds apart.  The only difference is the one on the right was taken with the Intensifier Filter. The warm colors are pulled out and accentuated.



Hoya actually offers three different intensifier filters –  One for Red, one for Blue and one for Green.  All of these photos were taken with the original Red Intensifier.  Independently, you probably would not notice the color difference. The differences in each photo are subtle.   But, side-by-side, the differences are clear.   Fall colors really pop with the Intensifier Filter. These filters are available at retailers like Adorama and B&H, as well as online.


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4 Replies to “Enhance Fall Colors with an Intensifier Filter”

  1. Having been on the commercial photography world for a while, I confirm that didymium filters are very effective in enhancing a selective small range of wavelenghts http://www.optiglass.com/ukhome/d_ref/didglass.html
    Yet, I confess that, while very useful in the old film era, its use in practical photography is now greatly reduced: it is perhaps better (under many circumstances) to shoot “straight” and use selective “filters” in Lightroom.
    A different note is for polarizer filters: that filter could help a lot and there is no real way to “fake” after the shot. So, it’s better to buy an high quality polarizer and use it properly.

  2. Very good! The Hoya filters are “didymium filters”. Again, it is about being able to capture these images in the moment to be sure that you have the best shot. It’s much better to spend a couple of minutes shooting a few extra photos than to spend hours in Photoshop later.

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