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Walking the show today, I kept thinking about my grandmother talking about the good ol’ days. I must be getting old myself.  I kept thinking about the good ol’ days when PhotoPlus Expo took over every square inch of Javits. Today’s show is even smaller than last year.

Of course, Adobe is not here. But, even the larger cornerstones seem smaller. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Epson and HP are all present. I have not heard about any major announcements yet, but it is still early.  The only new Canon product is the new HD projector which was shown at Canon Expo a few months ago. No new 1Ds, no new lenses and no inductive charging station. Even the 7D Studio edition is not on the floor.  It is locked away in the CPS Lounge downstairs.

Back to the show. More later…

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3 Replies to “PhotoPlus Expo 2010 – Getting Smaller”

  1. I was terribly disappointed with PhotoExpo today. The crowds were back, but the show drastically smaller. Friday afternoon was so packed you couldnt see anything and the few booths I got to didnt have knowledgable people staffing them. They compresssed the flooor size so much, there were booths in the bathroom aisles!

    I used to spend tow days at PhotoExpo looking at evverything and talking to poeple – this year 2 hours!

  2. You are correct! The closed off both the far left and far right and squeezed everything into the center. They were obviously trying to make things look more active in spite of the lose of a major sponsor like Adobe.

    I still spent all 3-days at the show. There really was plenty to see. You just need to be more persistent to get around. Saturday was probably the worst day. The weekend crowd really made things feel cramped.

    I am working on a “Cool Products” article for things I found at the Expo.

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