PhotoPlus Expo 2010 – Seeing Famous Photographers in Person

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Since PhotoPlus Expo is a industry trade-show, you get to see some well known industry people up close and personal.  And, they even seem to like it.

Not only are people like Scott Kelby, Vincent Laforet and Dave Cross giving talks at various booths, they are also walking the show.  I walked over to my friends at Adorama and was introduced to Dave Cross and Joe McNally.  On my way to OnOne’s booth, I ran into Matt Kloskowski sending a text.  Kevin Kubota was in his own booth answering questions.  I also ran into Jack Reznicki and told him that I loved his Copyrights & Copywrongs 2 DVD. You will also see Katrin Eismann, Seth Resnick, Bruce Dorn and others walking around in between presentations looking at the new products.

PhotoPlus Expo is a great place to meet many people that you already know.



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