Black Friday Shopping and Android Apps

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black-friday-appsSo you are battling the crazied shoppers on Black Friday.  But, how are you going to find out about new specials on the go??  There are three FREE Android Apps which will help you stay on top.  Just go to the Android Marketplace and search for Black Friday.

  • TGI Black Friday by Ecatcher
  • Black Friday App by
  • Black Friday Survival by Sazzle

There is another Android App called Black Friday Portal by Bryan Stinchfield for $1.  But, with the other FREE apps, I don’t see why you would want it.

black-friday-apps2But, what if you want something that is not listed in one of the Black Friday ads?  There are Android Apps for that too.  SnapTell will conduct a live search using your Android phone’s camera.  Take a photo of the barcode or even the front of the product.  SnapTell will search online and retrieve the best deals.  Google Goggles is another Android App that is similar to SnapTell.  Both are available in the Android Marketplace and both are FREE.  Always great to have a back-up plan 😉  While you are downloading Apps, look for the FREE Android Apps for Amazon, Best Buy, HSN, QVC and Target which allow you to compare products, prices and even buy on the go.

Have fun on Black Friday! Be sure to take a look at my other article Shop Smart on Black Friday and Beyond for a great list of websites to find bargains.


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