Samsung Epic 4G – Extending Battery Life

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I have had the Samsung Epic 4G for about a month and I am still thrilled with the phone!  The only drawback has been the battery life.  I used to carry an extra battery with me, just to be sure that I could make it through the day.  But, not anymore!  Samsung actually includes a great Widget pre-loaded on the phone that can significantly extend your battery life.  The Widget is called Program Monitor and has extended the battery life longer than Advanced Task  Killer.


1. Find a Double Space spot on the one of the Home Screens.

Samsung’s Program Monitor widget requires a double icon spot, so pick a Home screen with enough room.

To find the widget, press the Menu button on one of the Home screens.  When you see this menu on the left, just click the Add button.


2.  Samsung Widgets.

Once clicking the Add button, you will see all available Widgets available on the phone.  At the top of this menu, you will see the Samsung Widgets button.  Just click it to go to the next screen.

samsung-epic-widget3 3.  Add Program Monitor.

The Program Monitor is one of the Samsung Apps preloaded on the Samsung Epic 4G.  Click Program Monitor to add the widget.

samsung-epic-widget4 4.  Program Monitor changes color based on battery drain.

The Program Monitor is on the left.  It turns red when a program is rapidly draining the battery.  I also use the Battery Widget by geekyouup (available Free from the Android Marketplace) to help monitor the battery life.


5.  Click the Program Monitor to see the Active Applications.

Just click the Program Monitor icon to see all of the active applications running on the Epic.  A program that is rapidly draining the battery will appear in red.  Just click the individual End button to safely terminate that App or click the End All button to close all listed Apps.


6. Program Monitor will turn yellow when there is no battery drain.

You want to leave the Program Monitor in the yellow state.  Yellow means there is no rapid battery drain, even if there are programs running.

I have extended the battery life on the Samsung Epic 4G significantly.  In fact, by using the Program Monitor, I now typically get 11 or 12-hours from one battery even with WIFI and Bluetooth enabled.  That’s pretty impressive.

If you have the Samsung Epic 4G, you need to try the Program Monitor.  It is pre-loaded on the Epic and is very easy to add.  The Program Monitor will allow you to monitor which Apps are draining your battery and quickly close those programs when you no longer need them.

NOTE:  Your Internet connection and GPS can cause significant battery drains. You need to watch these services carefully especially when the Epic is having trouble making a stable connection.  The Epic will continue to try to establish a connection until it achieves one.  As a result, it can create a very quick battery drain.  It is better to terminate these services and try again later than to let them continue.

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5 Replies to “Samsung Epic 4G – Extending Battery Life”

  1. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m glad to see there is an alternative in the Market. Since upgrading to Android 2.2 (Froyo), I have been using Android’s built-in Task Manager which is accessible directly by a long press on the phone’s Home icon. Battery Monitor by 3c06 (available in both free and Pro version) is an excellent low-consumption widget to monitor battery use.

  2. Depends. Do you mind doubling the thickness of the phone? Before you do that, try downloading System Tuner Lite and Battery Monitor Widget by 3C Tools from the Android Market. These two Apps will allow you to identify which apps have excessive CPU time and drain your battery. Remove these draining programs and watch your battery life jump.

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