Perfect Gloves for Photography (Texting and Touch-screens too)

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freehands-glovesBaby, it’s cold outside …. Walking around New York City in the cold is brutal.  The tall buildings seem to catch the wind and aim it directly at you.  For a photographer, it makes holding a camera with an exposed hand tough.  I have tried a variety of gloves, but none provide that tactile response of a bare finger on the shutter.

Enter Freehand Gloves. These gloves seem such an obvious solution that I am surprised no one else offers it.  The thumb and forefinger have tips that pull back to expose your bare finger tip while the rest of your hand stays warm.  The tips are sewn to the glove, so there is no chance of loosing them.  The tips even have little magnets to keep them back and out of the way.  Just pull the tip, take your shot and pop the tips back in place.  Ingenious!  Best yet, they are actually warm.  I have been using the Men’s Stretch Gloves which are waterproof, windproof and have a Thinsulate layer for warmth.  These gloves are not bulky and provide a good grip on my Canon 7D.  They even fit the Canon Wrist Grip E1 strap.

The Freehand Stretch Gloves are a welcome replacement for my old Seirus gloves.  They are even warmer too.  The Freehand Gloves are perfect for photography, texting and working touch-screens (like smartphones and MP3 players).  B&H carries the Freehand Glove line, but they have been sold-out.  You can purchase the gloves direct from Freehand Gloves or through Amazon.  You can thank me later 😉


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