Fake Cut the Rope Games in the Android Market

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It seems no one is happy with the Android Marketplace, especially people wanting to play the hot iPhone game, Cut The Rope!

Take a look at the above screen shot.  Companies like Appvision, AndroidPublisher, TUQSoft, Invision Labs, OMFG Apps and HTT are all selling what looks like the real Cut the Rope game for Android.  These are scams which take advantage of people wanting to play the real game.  Over the past few weeks, many Android customers have been falsely lead into purchasing these fakes:

Appvision 5,000 est. downloads
AndroidPublisher 500 est. downlaods
TUQSoft 50,000 est. downloads
Invision Labs 5,000 est. downloads
HTT 1,000 est. downloads
OMFG Apps 10,000 est. downloads

TUQSoft was the most blatant. If you read in the App’s description, it proudly states, “CUT THE ROPE NOW ON ANDROID”.  The company only recently added the fact that this is NOT the game but a Live Wallpaper.  Of course,that was after its App hit the 50,000 download range.  Appvision on the other hand is a blatant fake! Worse yet, because of the new tighter return window implemented by Google, many purchasers can not even get their money back!


I contacted Semyon Voinov at ZeptoLab, the REAL developer of Cut The Rope.  He said

We are now working on the Android version of “Cut the Rope”, but it will still take some time before it will be released.

We knew that there are several fake “Cut the Rope” apps on the Android market, but I wasn’t expecting to see so many of them. We will do our best to eliminate them from the market asap.

This official video from Chillingo (the only distributor of the game) shows how cute this game is.

I am very surprised that the major Android sites like Android Central, Android and Me and Droid Life have not warned their readers about these companies. But, I am even more surprised that Google is allowing these blatant scams to exist in the Android Marketplace.

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7 Replies to “Fake Cut the Rope Games in the Android Market”

  1. at 99 cents times 50,000.
    let’s say 80% get a refund, you are still at $10,000
    what is android cut? let’s say 40 percent
    you could still be at $6000
    with those conservative numbers you could still walk away with some big pocket change

  2. It’s a blatant rip-off! Worse yet, it is destroying the positive buzz around a really good game. How many people who have been burned by these scammers will buy the real game when it is available? And, 1-star ratings will scare everyone else away.

    Google should be policing these things instead of letting any App in just to increase their catalog.

  3. Android market sucks compared to Apple. Talk all you want about open source being cool but in this case, consumers lose because no one is policing it like the closed ecosystem of Apples’ App Store. And developers don’t want to waste their time on a piracy laden, fragmented market, so the App catalog suffers.

  4. Google needs to do something about the Android Market. With all of the ports from old 8-bit, 16-bit ROMs making their way into the Market, it is obvious that no one is policing it. Considering the first Android virus is loose in China, I would not be surprised if some of these Apps have a little extra payload buried deep inside.

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