Photoshop CS5 – Quick Grunge with Filter Forge 2.0 Plugin

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Filter Forge 2.0 has an ever-growing library of 7900 filters.  Each filter can be adjusted through a variety of settings.  But, these filters can be combined to produce very unique effects.  The above image was created in less than 5-minutes by combining 4 different filters and a little Photoshop.

1. Photoygraphy 2.0 to add moody color distortion.


Photoygraphy2.0 is a great filter to distort colors and add a slight vignette.  I applied the third preset to keep it quick, but you could tweak the settings to perfect your desired effect.

2. Grunge to add … well … grunge.


Here again, the Grunge filter has a great selection of presets to start with.  I applied the 6th one which could also be tweaked further.

3. Filter Forge 2.0 makes frames too.


Filter Forge 2.0 even has a great selection of frame filter effects. The above effect is the Watercolor Frame which works well with the next filter.

4. Handmade Papers filter!!!


This filter alone would justify purchasing Filter Forge.  The Handmade Papers filter produces beautiful multidimensional paper effects.  Besides a beautiful background, I am using the effect as a density mask.

5.  Combining things together.


I am using the Handmade Paper on two different layers.  The top layer is use to Lighten the layers below using the texture of the paper effect.  The overall effect was too strong, so I applied a Layer Mask to bring back the details in the foreground.  The second layer is the combined effect of the previous filters (steps #1 & 2).  I then reapplied the Watercolor Frame Filter to a new solid black layer.  I copied this layer and pasted it to a mask for the second layer to allow the Handmade Paper layer below to fill the borders.  But, the Handmade Paper below was too overpowering for the subject, so I reduced the Layer Opacity to 50% and added another solid white layer underneath.

The whole process was completed in less than 5-minutes just be applying different filters! Of course, you can spend hours tweaking the settings and experimenting with different filters.  There are over 7900 filters, after all.  Best yet, all of these filters are free to use when you purchase Filter Forge.  Just download Filter Forge 2.0 and and start clicking through the Filter Library.  When you find a Filter you like on the Filter Forge website, just click the “Open Filter in Filter Forge” button to download the filter.   But, be warned … there are so many great filters that it’s hard to stop 😉


Photoshop CS5 – Quick Special Effects with Filter Forge 2.0 Plugin

Photoshop CS5 – Quick Grunge with Filter Forge 2.0 Plugin

Photoshop CS5 – Creative Distortion Effects with Filter Forge 2.0 Plugin


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2 Replies to “Photoshop CS5 – Quick Grunge with Filter Forge 2.0 Plugin”

  1. Hola
    tenía instalado este filtro, pero por alguna razón se borró de photoshop.
    Cómo lo puedo bajar nuevamente??
    agradeceré la información.
    muchas gracias

  2. Please ask your question in English. If your question is do you need Photoshop and Topaz Adjust to create this effect, the answer is YES. There are ways of creating a similar effect on other websites. Just google “grunge photo effect”.

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