Editorial – New York Times’ new Digital Subscriptions are NOT Green nor Socially Responsible

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New Yorkers are a tough crowd.  If you offer them a deal, they will go for it.  That includes going for a non-green/non-earth friendly deal even though they know better.

In an open Letter to its Readers, the New York Times announced both a 20 article cap on free access to nytimes.com and their new digital subscription plans.  And, going digital is not cheap.  There are three different tiers depending on the device:

web access + smartphone app (Android, iPhone & Blackberry) = $3.75 per week
web access + tablet app (iPad & PC Times Reader 2.0) = $5 per week
3for (web, smartphone app and tablet/Reader) = $8.75 per week

The New York Times has several home delivery subscriptions as well.  Daily home delivery to anywhere in Manhattan, Queens and even Long Island is $5.85 per week.  BUT, you can get a partial delivery for a little over $3 per week:

The Weekender’s Friday/Saturday/Sunday $3.80 per week
Just Saturday & Sunday for $3.15 per week
Just Monday through Friday for $3.10 per week.

If you subscribe to ANY home delivery, you will get FREE UNLIMITED 24/7 access to NYTimes.com (including web, smartphone app and tablet/reader).

These subscription plans mean that you will PAY MORE for the green/earth-friendly digital subscription.  Since the home delivery is cheaper AND gives you full 3for access, it is obvious that new digital subscriptions (when combined with the 20 article cap) are just another way to push home delivery.  By the way, this new digital subscriptions group is lead by James Dunn, Executive Director at the NY Times who used to be in charge of Consumer Marketing/Home Subscriptions at the Times.  Coincidence??

The New York Times proudly proclaims their Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility on their website and states, “it is strongly committed to protecting the environment in all of the many communities in which it operates.”  However, the new digital subscription plans prove their true motive – to cut down more trees – even though they know better.


New York Times’ new Digital Subscriptions are NOT Green nor Socially Responsible

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