Photoshop CS5 – Enhancing Perigee Moon with Topaz Detail and Topaz Adjust

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Even a great shot can be enhanced.  Starting with the original shot of the perigee moon (from my previous article), I applied some easy enhancements with both Topaz Detail 2.05 and Topaz Adjust 4.1.  You can see a close-up of the results from these Photoshop Plugins in the examples below.

Topaz Detail for subtle enhancements.

If you are looking to add a subtle enhancement, Topaz Detail is perfect to bring out details with the typical halo effect caused by over-sharpening.  It’s also smart enough not to enhance artifacts.

Topaz Detail provides a wide array of Presets to start you off.  All effects can be refined further through the precise controls of Detail, Tone, Deblur and Color.  The goal is subtle and realistic enhancements.

Topaz Adjust for more drastic enhancements.

By now, you probably have heard of Topaz Adjust.  If you are looking to add some real punch, this is the perfect Photoshop plugin.

Topaz Adjust can be a sledgehammer to produce extreme effects.  But, like every Topaz Labs product, it can be tweaked to produce more subtle effects by adjusting Exposure, Details, Color and Noise.  Topaz Adjust will also tie into Topaz DeNoise to produce extra fine digital noise removal (when both Adjust and DeNoise are installed together).  However, Topaz Adjust will also boost artifacts in the image so you will need to balance the effect by using the Noise sliders.

Final enhanced photo.

For the final above image, I decided to use the more subtle effects of Topaz Detail (compare it to the original from my previous article).  It produced a realistic enhancement, increasing the details in the shadows, midtones and highlights without introducing halos/artifacts.  Best yet, the results are previewed in realtime and produce very quick results.

Both Topaz Details and Topaz Adjust make a great addition to your Photoshop CS5 plugins. If you do not own any of the Topaz Labs products, the Topaz Plugin Bundle (including all 8 programs) is a great value.  Topaz Labs regularly issues free updates for its software and even allows you to install on multiple computers.  Best yet, they will make your photos look even better whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or a more extreme punch!


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