Canon 7D Tips – Hoya HD Polarizer

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Do you use a polarizer? Do you even carry a polarizer? A circular polarizer is the second filter which you should buy for a new lens. (The first filter should be a UV Filter to protect the front element of the lens.)  But, polarizers like the Hoya HD Circular Polarizer are not cheap at almost $200 for a 77mm filter.  That’s why I try to buy only lenses that have 77mm diameter front element.  For a 72mm diameter lens like the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L II, I use a step-up adapter ring so that even this lens can take the 77mm filter.  Planning ahead will also help minimize the amount you need to carry in your camera bag.

So what can you expect from a circular polarizer? The above photos were both taken @ f/10.0, 1/400 shutter and ISO200 just seconds apart.  The only difference was the use of the Hoya HD Circular Polarizer.  Take a look at the following close-ups for additional details.

Circular polarizers are designed for auto-focus DSLRS. They darken blue skies making clouds pop.  They also reduce/eliminate reflections and glare allowing for more saturated images.  Sure, you could fake it in Photoshop.  But, save the time in post and use a polarizer.


Hoya Circular Polarizers: Pro1 v HD

Hoya Circular Polarizers: Pro1 v HD – Take 2


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