FOX Promotes Escort Websites on Glee Facebook Fan Page!

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FOX Broadcasting Co. gets caught in another scandal. FOX, the American television division, is responsible for the Prime Time network and shows like Glee and American Idol.  It’s also the hip sibling to the ultra-conservative “news” channel FOX News ( all under the News Corp family umbrella).

Having spent the past week following the cast of Glee around New York City, I thought I would check the fan sites on Facebook, starting with the official Fan Page for Glee.  With 13 million Fans, it’s a very active page.  I was able to post my photos with links to my blog showing my coverage of the event (which was a little surprising in itself).  I then clicked around the Official Fan Page to see what else was there.  Boy, was I surprised!

If you click on the Photos link, you will see some very racy photos with links that point back to escort/adult sites.  Not exactly what I would expect from a family-friendly show!  The NY Post, another News Corp sibling, would use a headline like, “Hey FOX, Escorts Love the TV Show Glee Too!”  Then again, maybe this Fan Page is where those naughty Republicans go for their hook-ups 😉   A few brave fans posted comments on these photos calling them “whores”, but as I write this article, eight more photos have been added (with links) saying “Just looking for someone who can grant my passion privileges for a casual and private affair!!!” and “Guys enjoy having a night of fun and frolic with a sexy and hot lady like me!”.  Fox does not provide any type of contact info on the Official Fan Page (or even the Fox Broadcasting website) to report this conduct.

FOX, it’s great to have Fan pages to promote your shows.  But, you need to actively monitor them too!

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