Topaz Labs Newest Photoshop Filter – Lens Effects

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Topaz Labs just released their most ambitious Photoshop Plugin yet – Lens Effects – simulating 20 different popular filters, lenses and specialty cameras to produce very realistic effects!

Chances are you have walked through some complex Photoshop tutorials to create these hot lens effects.  Well, Topaz Labs now makes it easy to create these same realistic effects with just a few clicks.  But, Topaz went even further to provide you complete control over how the effects are applied.  It’s as easy or as complex to use as you want.  Best yet, Topaz includes over 150 presets to start you off.  As with all Topaz presets, that’s just a starting point for you to further tweak until the desired effect is perfect.

Topaz Lens Effects includes the following realistic effects:

  • Bokeh
  • Creative Blur (“Lens Baby” effect)
  • Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Toy Camera
  • Pinhole Camera
  • Single Tone Filter
  • Dual Tone Filter
  • Graduated Color Filter
  • Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Fisheye Lens
  • Motion Blur Effect
  • Split Prism Effect

All of these effects can be further layered with additional Adjustments, Geometric Distortion, Grain, Sharpening and Vignetting (both whole image and selective).  Let me say it again – these effects simulate the REAL filters and lenses.  Topaz Labs did an amazing job with this new Photoshop plugin!

Topaz Lens Effects lists for $79.99.  But, for a limited time, you can get Topaz Lens Effects for only $49.99 with the coupon code lenstastic.  As with all Topaz Labs filters, you can download a trial version to play with first.  If you want to see this filter in action, take a look at the following video.  Topaz Labs even has a series of live Webinars to answer questions about this plugin.  So, take a look and download today!

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