Canon 7D Time Lapse Video – Soho and the Gritty City

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Time Lapse Video – Times Square and the Gritty City

Time Lapse Video – Soho and the Gritty City

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Time Lapse Video – Toy Times Square Story

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3 Replies to “Canon 7D Time Lapse Video – Soho and the Gritty City”

  1. I love your work and have inspired me to get out there and do some tests timelapses on my 7D. My question is in regards to your panning– how are you able to pan during your timelapse? or do you do it all in post?

  2. Thanks! Panning for time lapse can be done either while you are taking the photo series or in post. There are both professional solutions and do-it-yourself camera sliders/trolleys/rail systems. Try Googling for them. I remember seeing an inexpensive system at PhotoPlus which Adorama carries here. I created the pan in post which takes more processing time but is cheaper πŸ˜‰

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