American Photo Model Shoot NYC – October 15, 2011

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Are you looking to gain experience working with models or build your portfolio?  American Photo Magazine is continuing its national Model Shoot in New York City on October 15, 2011.  This is a very unique opportunity.  You are not just standing around observing an instructor. You are hands-on with your camera taking photos for a majority of the 6-hour session!

  • Over 15 professional models rotating at different photo backdrops and lighting situations (both daylight, tungsten).  Each setting will have suggested ISO/shutter/aperture settings to start you off.
  • You walk from station to station and take as many photos as you like.  (It is a group shoot, so you do have to be considerate of both the model and your fellow photographers.)
  • Models will appear alone or in groups and change outfits periodically throughout the day.
  • Professional photographers Mark Reis and Anthony Neste will give brief lectures and be on-hand for tips.
  • Sigma will have a “loaner table” with a wide selection of their lenses in Canon & Nikon mounts for use during the day.  Sigma will also be represented by professional photographers Lindsay Adler and Kevin Ames who will give brief lectures and advice during the shoot.
  • Tamrac will also be showing their latest camera gear.
  • Expect some cool door prizes and discounts too!

I filled-up two 16gb compact flash cards at the May 2011 event and took some incredible photos!  Just take a look at the links below.  It is truly a unique experience to improve your professional skills!  See you there.


American Photo Model Shoot NYC, May 14, 2010

American Photo Model Shoot NYC – Additional Photos


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  1. Would it cost anything to loan lenses from Sigma? How long will they allow us to use it? like during the full day or time is limit?

  2. The Sigma lenses are free for use during the Model Shoot. However, you will need to give them a credit card for security while you have the lenses. You will not be able to buy the lenses direct from Sigma, but AmPhoto might have reps from some retailer on hand too. (It is a Saturday, so both Adorama and B&H could not “sell” during the event.)

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