Canon 7D Tips – Broadway at Night

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When I first tried Topaz Labs’ new B&W Effects Plugin, I fell in love with their Cyanotype group.  The intense cool blues produced by this group are perfect to create a moody night-time effect.  With my Canon 7D and 17-55mm EF-S lens, I shot several Broadway theaters in a series of photos for HDR.  I then used the B&W Effects plugin to convert the full color photos to rich blues with great contrast.  Back in Photoshop, I then layered this effect with the original photo to bring back the color of each marquee.  The final effect is a dramatic photo promoting the theater.

NOTE – I just published my Nighttime Blue by Photoframd preset for Topaz Labs B&W EffectsDownload it here.

More on creating this effect next time…


Canon 7D Tips – Broadway at Night

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