Topaz Adjust 5 – Masking with new Local Adjustments Tab

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I previously discussed all the new features in Topaz Adjust 5, but wanted to spend some more time with the new Local Adjustments tab.  Basically, it allows you to create a mask within Topaz Adjust to selectively mask out areas from within the Photoshop plugin.

Just like in Photoshop, Topaz Adjust has a brush tool that can Dodge, Burn or Smooth portions of the image.  But, the unique addition is the Brush Out tool to selectively mask out portions of the image and prevent it from being altered by Topaz Adjust.  Topaz included an engine similar to Topaz ReMask to make it easy to create a mask.  Adjust the Brush Size and the Opacity of the brush just like in Photoshop, and slide Edge Aware all the way to 1 and start brushing.  If you want a precise mask, increase the Hardness slider closer to 1 as well.

With Brush Out highlighted, brush inside the area that you want to mask.  Just a few clicks and Topaz Adjust will start filling the mask.  Check the mask preview window to monitor the progress of the mask.  If you accidentally mask the wrong area, click switch the Brush from Brush Out to Erase to start removing the mask area.  Here again, Topaz Adjust will assist through the Edge Aware and Hardness settings.

With the mask in place, you can click around to any of the Topaz Adjust presets like my Grunge Me BW.  The mask will stay active until you click the Reset button, the Apply button or the OK button.

Topaz Adjust 5 is a FREE upgrade to existing license owners.  If you do not own it, now is a great time to buy.  Use the coupon code ADJUSTME for 30% off ANY Topaz Labs plugin including the entire Topaz Labs Bundle!  This coupon expires 11/30/2011, so act soon.  Of course, you can also download a trial version of Topaz Adjust 5 to take it for a test drive.  Topaz Labs also has a series of free Webinars to give you a guided tour through all of the new features of Topaz Adjust 5.


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