Canon 5D Mark III at Firmware 1.0.7 on Display

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I was in B&H today for a USB 3.0 Compact Flash reader and I stopped by the Canon Kiosk.  Low and behold, there were two Canon 5D Mark IIIs on display!  Yes, these are REAL fully-functioning cameras – not some disabled demos.  The camera feels very solid.  I could not really compare it to the 5D Mark II sitting next to it since they had different lenses.  But, the grip was about the same.

I did find two surprises on the back.  First, the Canon 7D-inspired switch for stills & video!  The other was flipping through the menus to find that it is shipping with Firmware 1.07.

Now for the bad news – B&H has already shipped their first allotment of 800 camera and they have pre-orders for another 4000.  If you are interested in getting a Canon 5D Mark III, try Adorama.  They have a much shorter list of pre-orders.

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2 Replies to “Canon 5D Mark III at Firmware 1.0.7 on Display”

  1. I was wondering if you are going to review and compare the 7d vs the new 5d III. I purchased your book on the 7d and was wondering what is your opinion of the new 5D III?


  2. I have been thinking about it. I have even been toying with the idea of a Canon 1D X. I have two concerns:
    1. Canon still does not have a wide-angle zoom with an f/2.8 and IS. Only the Canon 17-55mm EF-S fits that bill!
    2. I really hate to loose my crop factor for telephoto zooms.
    The biggest plus is the crazy new ISOs. Being able to shoot at 6400 ISO and higher is really amazing. I still am hoping Canon will announce the Canon 7D Mark II 😉

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