Canon 7D Tips – Spring is Perfect for Shooting Landscape

After two weeks of steady rain, we finally had a nice weekend!  May is such a beautiful time of the year on Long Island.  Everything has that new green look.  The color is more light with a yellow cast.  The foliage is still growing and not to dense.

In shots like these, depth of field is very important.  And, with plenty of light, there is no reason not to push the f-stop to f/8.0 and still use a shutter speed which makes hand-holding possible.  Play it safe and experiment with a few different settings.  If necessary, you can push the ISO as well.  The landscape is not going to run-away.  Take the time to be sure that you get the shot.

All photos taken with the Canon 7D and 17-55mm EF-S IS.


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It finally looks like Spring on Long Island!

Canon 7D Tips – Spring is Perfect for Shooting Landscape


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