Adobe Lightroom 5.2 RC supports the Sony RX100 M2 Raw files

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So, I bit the bullet and signed up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud.  I was going to just buy the Lightroom upgrade but found out that Lightroom is now part of the Creative Cloud.  If you are interested, you will need to download Adobe’s Creative Cloud App first, commit to a plan, log into the cloud and download any updates through the App.  But, that’s not the whole process.

Lightroom 5 needs to update your existing Lightroom 4 database for its “enhanced search capabilities”.  This took almost an hour.  (Yes, I do have a lot of photos.)  Once that has finished, you will need to download the Lightroom 5.2 RC from Adobe Labs.  Adobe also released an update for Camera Raw 8.2 for Photoshop CC and even Photoshop CS6.  All of these support Sony’s new RX100 M2.

So how does it work?  Very well!  The RAW files imported perfectly and the preview images popped right in.  It could still use a little tweaking for Lightrrom to handle the new files as well as the RX100’s Raw files, but it works well.  Take a look at a 100% crop from the above photo.

Lot’s of detail, sharp with good color.  Here is a another pair at ISO 1600 which pushes the Noise Reduction:

Great detail and very well behaved grain.  Since this is a “Released Candidate”, I expect Adobe to follow-up within the month with the final update.  But, it’s pretty good right now 😉

The Sony RX100 M2 is currently in stock at both Adorama and B&H Photo.



Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 M2 – Initial Review – James Turrell at Guggenheim

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 M2 vs. DSC-RX100 at ISO 6400

Adobe Lightroom 5.2 RC supports the Sony RX100 M2 Raw files

Adobe Lightroom 5.2 RC vs Sony’s Image Data Converter – which one handles Sony RX100 M2 Raw files better?


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