Lightroom 5 – Update Panels by Updating Process

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I was going through some old photos in Lightroom 5 and did a double take.  The Panel looked familiar but not quite right.  That’s because it changed from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5.  But, I am in Lightroom 5, so why am I seeing it??

Why did the Panel Flip?  Lightroom 5 stores the old settings along with the old Process from Lightroom 4.  Take a look at the Panel above – Recovery, Fill Light?? Remember those?

Easy Fix – Update to Current Process (2012)


It’s very simple.  Right click on the photo and select Develop Settings > Update to Current Process (2012).

That’s it.  Not only will the Panel change but you should also see a huge improvement in the image quality.  See below.




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