Beware of ColorRight’s Drew Strickland and his Indiegogo Campaigns – Part 1

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NOTE – As of July 17, 2015, Drew Strictland & ColorRight have NOT honored their Indiegogo supporters. Over a year after the original shipping deadline, we still have NOT received these items.

There is a dark side to Kickstart campaigns – you are investing in some else’s pipe dream that may never see the light of day.

Drew Strickland &  ColorRight have been around for a number of years. I have seen his products at trade shows and watched his videos. They seem like good products that fill a lighting niche.

He sent me an email about this brand new idea. An LED light box with a built-in diffuser that was about the size of a tablet. Innovative, cutting edge and pretty cool. That product was called Power Panels. He was using a Kickstart-like campaign through Indiegogo to develop it. I was so intrigued that I joined the campaign and purchase 3 Power Panels which were supposed to ship in May 2014.power-panel

A few weeks later, he announced a “Pro” upgrade which would require an additional investment. After a few more weeks, he announced an expanded product called the Lumenaire. Bigger and more powerful and an even better idea.  A few weeks later, there was the Lunenaire Duo which would require another investment. Then, there were additional enhancements and upgrades.  Drew introduced each enhancement and improvement with great glee, but never shipping a thing.


May came and left and still nothing but more promises of just another 3 weeks.  In the meanwhile, Drew launched new campaigns for a mini panel, the giant panel, the mini mini panel.   To date, Drew has had 14 Indiegogo campaigns with lots of promises to raise over $200,000!

I sent Drew emails and posted comments on his Indiegogo campaign asking for a “real” shipping date but never received a response. Instead, my posts were just deleted. In fact, any negative comments were deleted.  Occasionally, he would issue another update saying another 3 weeks while using his investor list to announce yet another new product.

Drew claims to have started shipping the Power Panels but since most people upgraded to the Lumenaire, I wonder how many Power Panels he really needs to manufacture.  It is interesting that ColorRight has not added ANY of these new products to their official company website.

It’s now August and there is still no Lumenaire.  Drew has several new pipe dream Indiegogo campaigns for you to invest in.  All I can say is BEWARE. 


Beware of ColorRight’s Drew Strickland and his Indiegogo Campaigns – Part 1

Beware of ColorRight’s Drew Strickland and his Indiegogo Campaigns – Part 2


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66 Replies to “Beware of ColorRight’s Drew Strickland and his Indiegogo Campaigns – Part 1”

  1. I have had the exact same experience. As a matter of fact I this is my exact story with exact same product order etc. I too contacted the company but got no answers and posted things that were deleted.

    This guys shows himself and his family and kids in promotional videos. Wow, they must be proud.

  2. I have participated in several crowd funding projects because I think good ideas deserve support. I also thought someone might abuse the trust of their investors. Well Drew Strickland has tarnished the crowd funding process. He seamed like a good guy but I guess all con-men seam to be trustworthy. I am very disappointed and when The San Diego Photo Arts Round-table ask for my review of ColorRight I told them stay-away.

  3. I’ve had the same experience, the post here is accurate. I’ve tried writing, calling etc.You can’t reach anyone and your comments either can’t be entered or are removed. I myself probably will never put money into the funding process again.
    Some of the lessons here might be : If there is no way to contact the inventor or manufacturer, or funding organization, you might be setting yourself up for getting ripped off. Any project that takes this long will be overtaken by competitors who can turn out the same product made off shore using the bank for financing. Then put the product in stock. The customer can then buy off the shelf with warranties and service and support. This whole thing can be done thru Social media, Web site, trade shows etc. I think Mr. Strickland either 1. Got caught up in the funding process and was cascading one funding project of redundant product ideas into another, getting too many balls in the air. 2. Off shore samples would come for his approval but didn’t meet quality standards etc. pushing delivery dates further back or 3. The intent was to scam everybody and sail off with a few hundred thousand ?
    Even if the power panels I ordered over a year ago finally come, I still lost by tying my money up with no product for so long. I could have ordered the FotoDiox or others version of this product in the mean time.
    In conclusion. I gambled and so far have lost. I’ll only buy product from someone who operates an actual company that keeps stock on their promoted product. Be patient, If someone has a great product idea and is trying to get it off the ground wait a little and someone else will have essentially the same thing with better options.
    Once this is concluded, I will never have anything to do with Mr.Strickland and ColoRight and for that matter Indigogo !

  4. I did receive the Lumenator I ordered via Indiegogo and have found it a useful tool, but I’m still waiting for Lumenaire and Lumablast products I backed in Strickland’s other campaigns. PM’s through Indiegogo, emails to the company, and phone calls all go unanswered. That tells me that if I have trouble with or need parts for my Lumenator (or any other product that finally does arrive), there will be no customer support. In addition to the money I’m out to Colorright, I eventually bought the lighting equipment I needed from real businesses.

    To make matters worse, I receive at least two marketing emails every day for Lumenators and/or the “World’s First LED Light & FLASH DIFFUSER” aka Flashright Fusion, but have been afraid to autoroute his messages to the spam folder in case he does contact me about my Lumenaire/Lumablast orders.

    I don’t know if his apparent inability/refusal to respond to customer concerns is intentional or unintentional, but his behavior screams SCAMMER!

  5. Well, I’m also got screwed-up by him. Unfortunately, I’m not a US citizen and life outside US. Is there any chance to get hold of this cheater? Is there a lawsuit running I can step-in? I did try a complain setup with Better Business Bureau (, but right now without success. Thank you for anyones suggestions. Otherwise I’m going to loos $1.7K.

  6. Simple solution. Sue Indiegogo. They know or should have known this guy is a crook but continue to take a cut of monies funded. That’s called fraud and it’s still illegal. So, lawsuit is is naming BOTH Drew Strickland and IndieGogo. Anyone interested in joining a class action?

  7. APRIL 2015
    I guess I’ve also been suckered by Drew. Purchased 3 lights from the Indigogo Campaign, = got nothing. I’ve sent emails and received nothing – Seen the come-on emails about delays = got nothing. Yet, I still get almost daily emails wanting me to buy something else from Colorright and Drew. How do we go about shutting this guy down or at least getting Indigogo to stop his campaigns. This should be a legal matter by this time. Anyone want to pitch in on a lawyer?

  8. This is a sad case of buyer beware. I too have been shorted a power panel that I ordered back in 2013. Not much to do but cross my fingers that they will deliver.

    Indiegogo terms are here if you want to read them. Not much help for us Contributors though.

  9. Wow, I found this page while researching the Power Panel, which I heard about through a FACEBOOK SPONSORED AD. Apparently this guy is promoting these via Facebook and has not even fulfilled his crowdfunding orders from 2+ years ago. Yikes! I hope you guys are able to eventually get your product.

  10. Just want to thank you for taking the time to warn me about this. I saw the Facebook ad and was highly intrigued but knew enough to do some research which led me to this site. Much appreciated.

  11. Thanks for the heads up – you just saved me $500. I was about to order with expected ship date in 6 weeks, sounds like that would extend to 6 years or never. Thank you for the warning!

  12. i ordered a power panel after seeing a facebook ad and doing a little reading. figured the price was worth the gamble in a discussion of convenience.
    did think their marketing was a little shaky. but many startups tend to be. just noticed some lady posting some negative stuff on EVERY one of their facebook posts today and they haven’t killed them (at least as of a few hours ago)

    so i’m going to give them a month or so beyond advertised arrival date (which will be around october) and hope they are getting their poop in a group, before i start getting suspicious.

  13. I am glad I took the time to do a little research. The panels looked like a really great deal but I am a firm believer of seeing what the reviews are on a product before I spend my hard earned money. I am sorry those of you that made investments or purchased panels that weren’t delivered got screwed over. Best of luck to all!!!!!

  14. This Guy is a scam. I have wrote emails and tried calling and have gotten NO answers. I can’t believe that he now also is getting tons of people through facebook to by the lights cause the pre order sale ends today. Thats what it always says. This guy is a hustler don’t get scammed. Sounded like a wonderful idea. I heard there was another company that was really making these lights but I am not sure where to find them. Let me know if anybody else finds it.

  15. OMG! I just ordered the three panel kit for about $500.00 from the Color Right website along with a white balance color tool! Naturally when I looked for reviews I did not see this thread.. but now after spending my $$$ I find it, geez… the order says panels built to order and should arrive 3 to 4 weeks..

    If I lose my $$ to a scam I will do whatever it takes to ruin his name and company!

  16. He won’t respond to my messages either after I ordered a Lumenator and the battery pack didn’t work. Henceforth, I’ve not even used it once. I am trying to find a way to find him to let him know that he has no values.

  17. TWO YEARS?!??!? You would think that if anyone had actually received one of these lights (in whichever of their various forms) there would be an unboxing or review video posted somewhere.

    How is it possible that the Georgia attorney general hasn’t arrested the guy? Or that Facebook still allows them to advertise?
    If nobody has received any products, there have to be hundreds (if not thousands) of complaints… Oversight is one thing. But FRAUD is another.

  18. I too have been waiting since 2013, and I too am very frustrated. Drew is a terrible communicator and probably a poor businessman. i don’t believe he is a fraud. He is just way over his head, maybe priced these things too low, and possibly is a difficult guy to work for (sounds like they have high turnover). His worst offense though is not communicating or responding to his investors/customers. I think most people can understand and forgive delays (to a point) that occur beyond someone’s control, as long as they are kept informed in a timely manner. By disrespecting investors/customers Drew has drawn the scorn of all. Let it be a lesson in how to treat our own customers.

  19. I’m glad I stumbled upon this site looking for reviews of the power panel. I saw an an through Facebook and was ready to buy. I figured I would see what real customers thought of the product.

    All I could find were more websites selling the product.

    I hope those who invested get something out if this.

  20. I had supported EARLY! 2x Lumenaire DUO for $1110 on Indiegogo and still waiting for my reward. I tried to contact Drew Strickland (campaign owner) via Indiegogo but he has not responded back. Is there something we can do to get our money back? Small Claims Court ? Any thoughts?

  21. I saw this post and have freaked out for weeks, but as of today, I just received my 3 power panels and they seem to be great. it’s a slightly cheaper light, but for the $500 cost, I really can’t complain. I just wanted to drop this note to give a small ray of hope that I have gotten them and they seem to be exactly what he claimed they’d be.

  22. He may have started shipping the Power Panels, but he has stated that he will not even begin production of the Lumenaire and the other products until he has caught up with the Power Panels. We have been waiting now over 1 1/2 years. There are no excuses and no forgiveness for intentionally misleading the backers of his Indiegogo campaigns!

  23. I apologize for the tardiness of some of our campaign perk deliveries. I saw some of these posts here for the first time just now and wanted to provide our latest update for our Indiegogo supporters below.

    If you have any current customer support questions please contact us directly here: We do not have enough staff to regularly monitor outside websites for customer support related issues.

    Drew Strickland
    President, ColorRight

    “Both Lumenator and Power Panel are now available to order on our regular website as pre-orders.

    Now, we move to Lumenaire. We plan to begin shipping Indiegogo Lumenaires in approximately 10 weeks. New pre-orders for Lumenaire are scheduled to begin 2 weeks after Indiegogo Perks begin shipping. Remember, all of our loyal Indiegogo supporters are receiving many more accessories and upgrades than regular new pre-orders from our website (attachments, ballheads, etc.).

    We recently had to move offices. Our move went well, with very few hiccups. We have also hired 4 additional staff.

    Again, thanks for your incredible patience and understanding as we slooowly right this ship and work through each of our IG perks and getting each one to the retail marketplace. Every time you see a new IG product being advertised on our regular corporate website that means we are closer to getting to the next one on the IndieGoGo list.

    Please see my IG update entitled: More Detailed Update on “The Future of Photo & Video Lighting:” for a reminder of how far we have come, but also how far we have to go to realize the vision that everyone here supported.



  24. Like everyone else I am waiting! I ordered my power panel over 8 weeks ago – was told there was a 3-4 week wait and still nothing. Every attempt to contact customer service as mentioned by Drew has resulted in nothing but an auto response. Customer Service is non-existent. I am telling every photographer I know not to risk this “deal.”

  25. I wish I had seen this site before I purchased three Power Panels. On June 29, I sent a payment for three Power Panels and was told it would be 6 to 8 weeks before they would be sent. A few weeks ago I was sent an upgrade offer for Power Panel Pro at a significant cost upgrade but did not order them. Had I ordered them it would have extended the time to get them by another 6-8 weeks. It’s been over 10 weeks now since I sent my payment and I still have not received them, and all of my emails have gone ignored.

  26. Just an FYI…

    I just received a reply to my email I sent a few days ago:

    Dear Preston,

    Thank you for your Power Panel Pre Order. The item is currently in production. We apologize for any delay and anticipate the item will ship late this week/early next week. We appreciate your business.


  27. I’ve had the exact same experience. Power Panel promised in 6-8weeks, nearly ll weeks and still not a word from them. This smacks of FRAUD. GO ON FACE BOOK AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO AVOID THIS COMPANY – and initiate a refund before your time to dispute the order for nondelivery RUNS OUT!

  28. I have had the same experience with this company. When you address any concern, he deletes the comment and blocks you from commenting on any of the pages in FB. He generated $23,000 off the FlashRight Fusion campaign last year and to my knowledge not one of us has gotten the product or “perks” that were promised. Reporting them to Indiegogo…

  29. I ordered a Flashright Fusion and paid for it over one year ago. I have emaild them over 14 times and have yet to get an answer. phone calls go unanswered. What a scam. Someone should go after this company (person) for fraud.

  30. Just an FYI for everyone… I still have not received my Power Panels yet. On Sept 18 I was told my 3 Power Panels would ship “late this week/early next week”. Still haven’t heard anything back from them…

  31. We ordered 3 panels over a month ago from this scam artist. Still haven’t received them as promised with in the 3 weeks.

    Now his email kicks back undeliverable and there are no responses to any inquiry generated through his website either.

    TOTAL SCAM. I am calling the FBI as it is at the very least credit card fraud. I have already started dispute process with my bank and filing out the forms for the state attorney general as well.

    Go get this scammer!!!!

  32. After posting a warning to potential buyers about ColorRight on their Facebook page (which I was warned would be deleted and I’d be blocked — which did happen) and emailing them and using Drew’s personal email address too (, I received a (somewhat canned) email this morning from ColorRight saying that my 3 Power Panels would be shipped soon. Then about half an hour ago I got an email saying they had been shipped with a tracking number provided. It’s been 14 weeks now so it’s obviously been considerably longer than the original 6-8 weeks I was told it would take. I will update if/when I receive them. There’s also been a Facebook page set up about this too:

    Good luck everyone…

  33. Just to let everyone know, I just got the 3 Power Panels I ordered 14 weeks ago. I have only plugged one in so far at this point but I know at least one of them does work and I have no reason to believe the others don’t at this point. I haven’t actually taken any pictures with them yet though. If there’s any problem with them I’ll post it here. I’m just glad I finally got the things…

  34. I also waited a few months for these damn panels, i emailed every 5 days and never a reply EVER, i called my bank and told them the situationand got my money refunded, I swear the next f’ing day i get a tracking and shipment notification, got the damn lights and my refund! And no notice from them still

  35. I received the product (power panels) after 9 weeks. It was supposed to be 8, but I received. HA! More like NON power panels. The problem is that they do not work. They shut off and then back on again right in the middle of shooting. I am very disappointed and not happy with this product. Now, I’m within my “30 day money back guarantee” which is right on the website and would like a refund. Guess what? No response from this guy. Surprised? I’m not. I can find countless negative reviews on the web about the way this guy runs his business. Takes your money and runs. I’m shocked I received these lights in the first place after all that I’ve read about him and his “business”. But at this point it’s complete fraud. I am contacting my credit card company and my lawyer and I will let them look into it. I WILL get my money back. RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS GUY!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

  36. I am a small time photographer that ordered the Lumenator Pro over 5 weeks ago on September 16th 2015. I have been exchanging emails with someone who at first told me it would take 3-4 weeks. Well it has been 5 weeks. Last week I sent them an email and received a response that the product would be shipping that week. I received and email from UPS with a tracking number but when I checked UPS stated they have not received the package. I sent an email asking why they had not sent the package and they replied back stating that several packages were sent out and that UPS must have lost it. I called UPS and they clearly stated that was not the case and that the customer can easily go online and make a shipping label with a tracking number. So I sent another email letting them know that UPS does not have the package and that they needed to send the product out today or I would take further action. Well, they send me another email stating the product would be shipped out today and I received an email with a tracking number but this time the tracking number was from USPS. I checked the status and once again USPS does not have the package but the USPS website shows that a shipping label was made. I emailed Colorright back and attached the snapshot I took of the status of the tracking number. Informed him that I would be taking further action if status was not changed and showing that the product was shipped. I requested a refund because I feel he does not have a product to ship at all and is a scammer. I know I did not make a big investment unlike others here but there is got to be something that can be done. I just hope it is not too late to dispute that charges and I will get a full refund. I am losing potential business by not having this product.

  37. To add to my previous post.
    I look at the transaction through my bank since I used my debit card. I have a number ColorRight Tools, LLC (678) 523-5526 10945 State Bridge Rd STE 401, Alpharetta, GA 30022-5676. Maybe everyone should call him constantly. Trust me I don’t mind driving to Georgia and confronting this guy with a news crew for being a scammer.

  38. I am yet another victim. I Indigogo ordered a power panel about 2 years ago, then sent more money to upgrade, and yet more money for the Lunablast (18,000 lumins it was touted as), something more than $650 overall. And the usual lack of replies to my inquiries. And daily I get spam from ColoRight. Their marketing sure looks like a slight twist on a Ponzi scheme.

    DO NOT Send money to ColorRight.

  39. Again, ALL Lumenator & Power Panel Indiegogo orders have been fulfilled. If you have not received your Indiegogo Power Panel for some reason please contact us directly here:

    If you have any current customer support questions please contact us directly here: We do not have enough staff to regularly monitor outside websites for customer support related issues.

    I’ve skimmed most of the above posters names and almost all of them I recognize HAVE BEEN SHIPPED already.

    Drew Strickland
    President, ColorRight

  40. Drew, just to be clear — most of your original Indiegogo investors in the Power Panel were convinced BY YOU to upgrade to the Lumenaire. You may have shipped the Power Panel, but the Lumeniare is still over 10 weeks away from shipping by your latest promise. And, we have had many promises over the past two years.

  41. My experience: I initially ordered a product from Color Right back in the first week of June 2015 and later a second order in July 2015 of a second product (slightly different package). Today is November 11, 2015, and after many, many attempts to ask for an update on delivery of their product they never responded. There’s no phone number to reach anyone and they have never attempted to call me, or write to explain anything about delays, or anything.
    Today I went to their FB page and posted my experience, within 5 minutes my post was removed which tells me they know my level of discontent and not only they ignore my pleas to deliver, or return my money but they now they hide their negligence. This is nothing short of fraud in my opinion. My next step is to attempt to recover part of my losses via my credit card, but I am not holding my breath… $300 down the drain! I am not one of those who likes to post negative experiences, but these people act more like thieves than businessmen. I am just getting started… they have not heard the last of it. Please spread the word about ColorRight.

  42. Unfortunately, I also purchased the Power Panels on August 29. 3 weeks ago, I did receive an update saying that the order would be shipped later that week. Haven’t heard anything since.
    I have sent several emails with no response from Drew.

    I plan to begin a social media campaign to alert fellow artists of this experience AND TO WARN THEM TO STAY AWAY FROM COLORRIGHT.

    To all who were scammed by Drew Strickland and Colorright, I know your pain.

  43. Ok… I can exhale. I FINALLY received my Power Panels! I am emotionally drained from anxiety, however the lights came 3 days after I received the UPS shipping confirmation.

    On Nov 16, I had commented that I felt I was scammed. I have to recant and publicly say that DREW STRICKLAND /COLORRIGHT SENT MY LIGHTS!!!!

    It’s not a scam…

    the lights work and they are very bright! I have not had an opportunity to properly test them, I only plugged them in to see that they would come on, which they did.

    So to all those who are still “living the nightmare,” I can say there is hope. Don’t give up hope.

  44. I ordered a PowerPanel back in 2013 and upgraded to the Lumeniare because I would have been stupid not to do so. Just as many of you on this page I was suckered to believe the whole story. I get it when you run into supplier and people problems but not for over 2 years. When I contacted Indiegogo they said ‘contact the seller’ which I did with no reply. I trust everyone knows that Indiegogo and the campaign share the money even if the campaign owned never delivers so there is no reason for Idiegogo to help. I believe what Colorright is doing is using the seed money from Idiegogo to run his web-based company and hope that that will generate enough capital to produce and ship out to those who paid for theirs through the two campaigns. Now I see that Drew is selling PowerPanels on Amazon and saying he can ship is 1-2 days! Surprising that if I had waited TWO YEARS… In the meantime I bought and love my LitePanel Astra Bi-Color panel though it wasn’t cheap… I got it and have used it on many shoots. Let’s all take a deep breath and pray that Drew will eventually deliver!

  45. Can we sue this guy, I have lost almost $1200.00 and this man is still advertising these products and the colorright company is still in business. Only in American!

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