Adobe Lightroom 5.7 now supports Canon 7D Mark II Raw (and Canon Powershot G7 X too)!

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lightroom57-raw-canon-7d-markii-2 When I shot the Village Halloween Parade this year with the new Canon 7D Mark II, I knew there would be an issue with Lightroom. Even though the Canon Raw CR2 format has been virtually unchanged over the past few camera releases, Adobe insists not to fudge it and process the files based on the old “interpretation”. Until now, the choice was to save photos in-camera as both  RAW & JPG or use Canon’s DPP to process the RAW files.

But, no more … Adobe finally updated Lightroom 5.7 to support Canon 7D Mark II Raw files!  This new update also supports the new Canon Powershot G7 X.

By the way, the following photo was the original in-camera JPG. You can see how Lightroom can really save a photo with just a few tweaks!  This photo was shot at 6400ISO and contains much more detail than a similar photo shot with the original Canon 7D.  Lightroom really pulls it together.


For some reason, the Adobe Cloud Panel can loose track of Lightroom and may not acknowledge the fact that it has an update.  That’s OK … just click the install for Lightroom and it will install the new 5.7 update over the old 5.6 version.  You can read more about the Lightroom 5.7 update on the Adobe blog.

Look forward to more on the Canon 7D Mark II soon …

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