Photos – Met’s PsychoBarn on the Roof Garden

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Do you remember the creepy house from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho?  Artist Cornelia Parker created a 30-foot tall scaled model of the house and it is currently on display at the Roof Garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You can’t go inside, but it is cool to see.  And, the Garden’s view is pretty nice too.

You will need to take a special elevator up to the Roof Garden.  Just ask the guards in the Met.  Keep in mind, when you leave, the Met will require you walk down two flights of stairs to get the down elevator in order to control the traffic.  (They do make exceptions for the Physically Challenged.)

The Roof Garden is very popular when the weather is nice, but the drink prices can be scary  😉



All photos taken with the Canon Powershot G7 X


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