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Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute debuted it’s Spring 2017 Exhibit on the avant-garde work of Rei Kawakubo. I appreciate fashion as wearable art.  But, when something looks like wadded diapers, is that art?  And, it’s a recurring theme.

Some of the pieces are interesting. There are the Dr. Seuss Whoville pieces and some shrouds that are perfect for a meeting with the Pope or joining the Addams Family.  There is the Siamese Twin dress and several with extra lumps worthy of a doctor’s visit.  I did laugh at the Baby Groot-like Fascinator.  But, many outfits look like unfinished craft projects.  And then, there are the wadded diapers.

At least the exhibit space is interesting.  Take a look…


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All photos taken with the Canon Powershot G7 X.

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