AT&T is Testing 5G in Queens

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UPDATE 1/25/2018

My phone detected a 5G signal Friday night. This time instead of stopping in Queens, it continued into Nassau County around Rockville Center. The results hit 70 Mbps but quickly dropped.

I was riding the LIRR in Queens last week and noticed something odd. My LG V30 displayed 5GE instead of 4G LTE. At first, I thought my phone was just glitching. The 4G LTE signal in this area is pretty spotty, and my phone quickly flipped back to 4G LTE. I dismissed it as a fluke. But, then it happened the next day at the same time.

I wanted to document this, so the next few times, I started to taking a few screen captures. This is the area near Forest Hills headed towards Jamaica. Since I am on the train, it passes pretty quick.

I also tried testing the performance with a few Speedtests. The first two last week were terrible. This week the performance was much better, but only the Download test finished in 5G. By the time of the Upload portion, my phone had already flipped back to 4G.

So what does this mean? AT&T is definitely testing 5GE in this area. But, I am not picking it up consistently, so they must be turning it on for specific periods (on Mondays & Tuesdays). Also, my LG V30 may be able to detect the 5GE signal, but it does not mean that it is fully optimized for the speed.

5G is definitely coming to AT&T in NYC. Hopefully, New York City will be one of the next launch cities.

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