Photos – The Cher Show – Broadway

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What has 3 Chers, 35 hit songs, 400 costumes and Bob Mackie? The Cher Show on Broadway!

Whether you are a fan of Cher or her music, you will enjoy the show. It is a sequin covered dance through Cher’s turbulent life marked by three phases as a Babe ( Micaela Diamond ), a Lady (Teal Wicks )and a Star (Stephanie J. Block). The Star act as narrator through most of the show.

The show covers Cher’s childhood, meeting Sonny, her start as a back-up singer and the birth of Sonny & Cher as a couple, singing group, Vegas act and the success of their TV Show. There are highs and lows, Greg Atltman and even that Infomercial. Ultimately, Cher is a survivor and it makes for a great Musical.

The cast is great, especially Block and Jarrod Spector (who plays Sonny). I have plenty of photos from the curtain call. All photos were taken with the Sony RX100 IV.

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