2020 Subaru Outback debut at New York International Auto Show

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You expect to see some really cool cars at an Auto Show, but a National Park? That’s new! Subaru is the proud corporate sponsor for the National Park Foundation. Subaru recreated a national park at the New York International Auto Show 2019 to debut the new 2020 Subaru Outback.

The booth was incredible! It featured a full 360 experience with sounds and scents. The wrap-around LED screen was matched with a full LED floor to showcase a variety of national parks.

After a short video showing Subaru owners through the years with their Subaru’s exploring the great outdoors, Subaru recreates Yosemite National Park with Old Faithful’s geyser erupting to reveal the new 2020 Outback!

More photos of the booth are below. Be sure to also see my photos of the other booths at NYIAS 2019!

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