NYC Christmas Windows 2019 – Bloomingdale’s

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Christmas may be over, but the Holiday Windows live on!

Bloomingdale’s 2019 holiday theme is an Out of This World Holiday.  Looking to the future decade, Bloomies used a space-age theme for these colorful windows.

But, my question is who is this guy??  He was included in last year’s Grinch theme and makes an appearance in this year’s window too still with his “Resting Grinch Face” LOL

Here are the rest of the windows.

All photos take with the Canon 7D Mark II & Canon 17-55mm EF-S lens.


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2 Replies to “NYC Christmas Windows 2019 – Bloomingdale’s”

  1. These are not the windows that were on display on Fifth Avenue, December 2019. They were bizarre, dull, deep purple things, lavishly drifted with purple powder. Not bright, not colorful, and no references to Christmas at all.

    Maybe these windows were prototypes that were rejected. Angels and the Holy Family were striking by their absence.

  2. Ummm…not really sure what you are commenting on. I took all of the photos myself standing in the cold of night. So, yes, they are the real NYC windows that Bloomingdales displayed.

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