Picard Metrocards to Promote the New CBS All Access Series

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“Make it so Number One!”

Debuting January 23, 2020, Picard is CBS All Access’s new Star Trek inspired show.  To promote the new show, CBS teamed up with the MTA to release limited edition Metrocards with Picard and his dog “Number One”.  They are only available at select locations in NYC:

Stations offering the Star Trek MetroCards form the points of the Delta:

  • 14th St/7th Ave.
  • 28th St/7th Ave.
  • 57th St. 6th Ave.
  • 5th Ave. 42nd. St.
  • 14th St./ Union Square
  • 28th St. 7th Ave.

The Picard Metrocards are a limited edition.  Only 350,000 cards available over the next three weeks.  So engage!

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