Fall 2020 – Part 1 with Canon R5

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FINALLY!!! There was some real color this weekend!  I have been waiting for the leaves to start turning for weeks.  Some trees went brown after the first chilly few days and I was worried that the rest would follow.  Thankfully, last weekend the trees in the wetlands started showing some great color. 

I have been dying to capture the season with the Canon R5.  Here is my first batch taken with the Canon RF 24-70mm and the Canon RF 100-500mm.

But capturing the photos is only part of the equation.  You need to edit the photos in Lightroom or Photoshop to really bring out the colors.  Well known Landscape Photographer Mark Denney has an excellent tutorial for Lightroom techniques to make the fall colors pop!

Here are some additional photos from this past weekend taken with the Canon R5.

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