Fall 2020 – Part 2 with Canon R5

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Considering it’s the last day of Fall 2020, I thought I should post my final batch of photos for the season.  All of the photos were taken with the Canon R5 and either the Canon RF 24-70mm L or the Canon RF 100-500mm L.  It is surprising how often I used the zoom telephoto.  I absolutely love the 100-500mm and an very happy that I returned the RF 800mm

Most of these photos were focus stacked using the Canon R5 built-in function.  The images were auto-aligned and then merged in Photoshop.  Focus staking allows you to maximize the areas of detailed focus.  I used a stack set of 10 photos.  The R5 makes it very easy to accomplish, even handholding for the entire set!  Mark Denney has several excellent videos on merging focus stacks in Photoshop as well as enhancing the Fall colors.


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