Immersive Van Gogh New York – review & photos

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Immersive Van Gogh is the original immersive experience which started the whole trend in Paris.  After traveling to Toronto, Chicago, the exhibit is finally in New York City at Pier 36.

The New York installation consists of several rooms.  Van Gogh’s masterpieces have been transformed into a moving display set to the perfect score.  In the smaller rooms, it is broadcast on the walls and reflected of mirrored sculptures and the glossed floor.  But, in the grand room, the floor is part of the display.  There is an elevated level which has the amazing view above.

The show is on a 38-minute loop and you can stay as long as you want.  Changing your view and moving around adds to the experience.  Take a look below at a similar scene in different locations.

For those with Covid concerns, the space is big and encourages social distancing. Masks are required.

You may have heard that there is another Van Gogh Exhibit in New York at the Skylight at Brookfield Place with a similar name.  That is NOT the original Immersive Van Gogh.  It is the copycat.

Immersive Van Gogh is a limited run in New York City.  They did just announced a permanent installation in Los Angeles and are discussing a permanent installation in New York City.  But, until then, see it before it leaves!  Additional photos below, all taken with the Canon R5 and the Canon RF 15-35mm L lens.

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