Fall 2021 on Long Island

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After a Summer that would never end, it finally started to look like Fall.  Just as we were approaching peak foliage on Long Island, a Nor’easter brought a week of rain and wind in October which took the leaves.  There are still some pockets of color across New York, and they are worth finding.  But, you need to explore to find them.

Capturing the photos is only part of the equation.  You need to edit the photos in Lightroom or Photoshop to really bring out the colors.  Landscape Photographer Mark Denney has an excellent tutorial for Lightroom techniques from last year which will help you make the fall colors pop!  Keep in mind, Lightroom has changed since he recorded that video, but you will get the idea.

You may notice in my gallery below that I have multiple shots taken at slightly different viewpoints.  It always pays to experiment when you find the right scene.  Never settle on taking just one shot while you are on-location.  (It’s not like you are paying to have film developed LOL.)  Save the selection process for Lightroom.  You never know when a slightly different angle will come in handy.

Here are my best photos from the season taken with the Canon R5 and either the Canon Rf 24-70mm L or the Canon RF 100-500mm L.  Enjoy.

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