NYCC 2022 Photos – Doom Patrol Panel

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Doom Patrol!  Doom Patrol!  Doom Patrol!  This was the the best panel of New York Comic Con 2022!  Michelle Gomez, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, and Brendan Fraser were having party and we were invited.  The panel discussed the coming season 4 and the wacky story lines including the Were-Butts.  Gomez will always be Missy to me, but it was great to see her fitting in with the group.  The panel debuted a trailer for the new season that is pure Doom Patrol.

All photos take with Canon R7 and RF 70-200mm f/4 L except for wide panel shot which was take with the Canon R5 and Canon RF 24-70mm L.

Still more!  Over 1000 photos from New York Comic Con NYCC2022:

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