Fall 2022 on Long Island

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 I was out enjoying the foliage when I saw a couple staring into a group of trees.  I walked over and they pointed to this Red Tail Hawk partially covered by the changing leaves.  I walked closer with my Canon R7 and RF100-500mm L and started snapping.  The hawk was larger than I expected and sat in the tree for a few minutes before flying away. 

You never know what you will find and a great reason to carry multiple cameras.  My kit bag includes both the Canon R5 with the RF 24-70mm L and the Cano R7 with the RF 100-500mm L.  It’s a great way to take a hike.

Taking the photos is only the first step. Enhancing the colors in Lightroom will really make the colors pop. Mark Denney has a wonderful video covering fall landscape photos and enhancing them in Lightroom.

Here are some photos taken so far this season. Most of the landscapes are taken with the Canon R5 but a few are taken with the Canon R7.

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