NYCC 2023 Photos – Ewan McGregor Spotlight

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New York Comic Con 2023 is definitely different this year.  First major panel today with Ewan McGregor had an interesting twist.  Apparently, because of the ongoing Actors Strike, Ewan McGregor was not allowed to talk about any of his projects.  So what did he talk about?? How to make the perfect pot of tea.  I know!

According to McGregor, you need to use a teapot and warm the pot with hot water first.  After letting it sit, you dump the water then add fresh hot water and tea and let it steep for 3 minutes.  Shocking!  He also loves the coffee in Saturdays Surf NYC in Soho.

Besides tea and coffee, McGregor discussed his love of motorcycles and his cross-continent trips spanning Europe, Asia, and North America. He also discussed his love of music, theater and even teaching acting to a class of Hollywood directors.

But, no audience questions, no Star Wars and not even a Moulin Rouge reference.  Definitely, different…

Please take a look at a bunch of photo taken with the Canon R7 and the Canon RF 70-200mm lens.

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